Our patented mobile technology is highly effective and efficient in detecting the context of mobile device user - especially driving a car (it is being used in SpeedAlarm application)

How does it work?

To save device battery life during driving pattern detection, number of groups of sensors are used in a hierarchical way. The low-energy sensors are used first. If the result is positive it activates next group of sensors in a hierarchy. If the result is negative next group of sensors are not activated at all. In effect system can determine driving patterns with high accuracy and in low energy consumption way.


dSense SDK for Android

We created dSense SDK for Android platform. This approach allowed us to create a solution "out of the box", which you can easily and quickly integrate with other applications.

  • Overseeing mobile employees and vehicles
  • Contextual notification and adverts
  • Confirmed information about starting and finishing journey
  • Solving the problem of driver distraction while driving


Program Innowacyjna Gospodarka

  • Nazwa beneficjenta:
    Binartech Sp. z o.o.
  • Projekt
    Sposób wykrywania kontekstu urządzenia przenośnego i urządzenie przenośne z modułem wykrywania kontekstu (POIG 5.4.1)
  • Wartość projektu:
    259 420,79 zł
  • Udział Unii Europejskiej:
    181 568,61 zł
  • Okres realizacji:
    2012 - 2015

Program Horizon 2020

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