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It is first in Poland and second in the rest of the World mobile CB radio system for drivers, developed even long before mobile handsets had GPS module built-in as a standard.

SpeedAlarm application is using GPS and mobile data to connect drivers in Poland. User seeing a difficulty on a road can report it with a touch of two buttons. The message will reach all other users on the same route.

How the SpeedAlarm application is working?

Our application has got built-in complete database of all speed cameras, average speed cameras and dangerous places (like bends or level crossings). This feature allows warning the driver even when mobile data is not available.

  • Mobile application is allowing it's users to communicate to each other about speed checks, speed cameras, accidents and other dangers om the roads.
  • Development period:
    May 2008 - May 2015
  • Platforms:
    Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Bada, Symbian, BlackBerry

The main advantages

Automatic driving detection

Driving pattern detection

Our patented technology dSense, SpeedAlarm starts automatically in the background as soon as user starts driving and vocally informing about conditions on a road. Due to this factor our application is completely hands-free.

Working in the background

Working in the background

SpeedAlarm is not disturbing the driver in using the phone, all the warnings can be minimized to compact version and "floating" button enables immediate access to our application irrespectively of which application is being used in any given moment.



All changing road conditions are moderated on a constant basis by the drivers themselves. This system allows data to be always up to date.